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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Heralding the Dawn

You know, it just keeps getting harder and harder to find or even make the time to work in my studio, but here's my latest offering. I intend to use it as the opener for my next homegrown album. I'm also considering it as a possible candidate for my entry into that contest I mentioned earlier.

The tune is called Herald of the Dawn. I was in the mood to do an upbeat, guitar-driven piece, and that's what it is. I mean, there is nothing but (lots of) guitars, bass, drums, and "vocals". (I thought about putting a sax solo in the middle, but recording in the middle of the night led me to decide to stick with guitar.) I actually pieced it together out of two separate, incomplete song ideas that seemed to segue well into each other. I originally intended to write lyrics for it, but I was feeling very uninspired. Besides, I think the hummed chorus I finally put in works better, anyway.

The drum track worked very well with none of the problems I encountered with "Give Us Back". I think the chief difference was that I made it directly using Sonar (with quantized real-time recording supplemented with some step programming) instead of importing a generic MIDI file. I consider it a valuable lesson learned, though it could hamper the creative process a little.

(More info can be found on my Minstrel's Muse site.)

Give it a listen and tell me what you think. Is this a viable contest entry, or should I go with something else? (So far the "most likely candidates" list includes "Sign Sonata", "Secret Identity", "Beyanam", and "Wakannai!", with "Live With You" and "Erweina" as runners up. I'm really hoping for some feedback...and I don't mean of the amp variety!).


  • Finally a song named for me and you don't even spell my name right...sigh.

    Seriously, though. I like the flow of the song and the guitarwork had a great melody. It sounds like it is waiting for lyrics; the manner of the way particular phrases were repeated and the way transitions flowed suggested that to me. Others may feel differently.

    Good work!

    By Blogger Don Snabulus, at 1:56 AM  

  • Much like Rush. I have a theoretical question. When you listen to rock music on the radio, do you think your music in general will

    Stand out...


    Blend in?

    I have only heard a few Japanese bands so far, so I just don't know what is considered normal.

    By the way, Wakannai also rocks, and really, suits you best, as it is your story personified in song. Think about it.

    By Anonymous Dave, at 8:48 AM  

  • Snabudawn
    Thanks! I really did want to write lyrics for it, but I couldn't come up with anything that sounded even halfway good. Just not much happening now to inspire me.

    Answer: I don't listen to the radio. I lost interest in it years ago.

    Frankly, I don't give a damn whether my music "stands out" or "blends in". I also couldn't care less whether it's original or based on traditional elements. My only concern is whether or not I feel satisfied with the result. If I can listen back to it and feel like it's worth listening to again, I'm happy with it.

    "Wakannai!" has probably been my most successful song to date, as bootleg copies of the original version are apparently still circulating among the ALT community. It's also one of few songs of mine that I have performed live. Believe me, I am seriously considering it!

    By Blogger The Moody Minstrel, at 11:54 AM  

  • good enough for me.

    if u cut a cd, i will buy

    By Blogger Robin, at 10:17 AM  

  • Wakannai, Sen-sen, wakannai!!!

    By Blogger Olivia, at 1:43 PM  

  • Go with Herald of the Dawn. [Call me crazy, but I can also hear this as a Hawaiian piece with ukulele and 12 string guitars. Seriously.]

    It has energy - fresh and driving. A contest winner.

    By Blogger Pandabonium, at 5:27 PM  

  • I just managed to listen to both ZenZen Wakannai and Herald of the Dawn and I'd go for Herald of the Dawn. Wakannai clearly is for the 90s (though rock is timeless).

    I have some comments on Herald though, though it may tell my ignorance of music..what the heck..

    Three distinct parts I like about it. Firstly, it's the catchy tune at about 00:27 and subsequently at other places. Good, keep that up. I like the part from 00:14 right up to 00:25 as well as the portion from 02:28 to 02:50. I noticed a distinct muffleness from about 3:03 onwards. That could be intentional.. or a system glitch.

    If I were to modify this piece, I would do the following:

    Repeat 00:14 - 00:25 and then after some 10 or 15 seconds or so, bring on the drums. Right now, I feel your beginning of the guitar part is a bit too long (right up to about 01:20) - it got boring. Oops! This is strictly my two cents, MM. What do I know about writing music, eh?

    And now, we need the lyrics..

    By Blogger HappySurfer, at 4:04 PM  

  • Robin
    When I cut the CD I'll send you a copy.

    If I manage to get a professional release (like someday in another life), I'll even autograph it for you! :-)

    I'll take that as a vote, m'lady.

    Or even 12-string guitars and charango? (I have one of those. I don't have a Hawaiian guitar.) Yes, I can imagine it! Thanks for the input!

    Good grief! I wish I'd read your comments before I modified and re-posted the tune! Thanks for giving me such detailed input! I appreciate it more than you know!

    (Wanna be my producer? ;-) )

    By Blogger The Moody Minstrel, at 9:10 PM  

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