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Friday, October 13, 2006

Being a Good Sport Once Again...

Narcissistic, perhaps, but good.

Selba recently tagged me with the longest "MEME" I've seen to date. My better judgment is telling me to give this one a miss and get on with life, but, well...I don't always listen. Anyway...

1. A Cuddler? Yes!!! SNUGGLE-BUNNIES ROCK!!!!!!
2. A morning person? I tend to go back and forth between morning and evening.
3. Are you a perfectionist? That depends...
4. An only child? Nope.
5. Catholic: Nope.
6. In your pajamas? Are you kidding?
7. Currently suffering from a broken heart? Thank GOD no!!!! It has been a while, and I don't miss it.
8. Okay styling other people’s hair? Ewww...COOTIES!!!!!
9. Left handed? No, but I do a lot of things with my left hand.
10. Addicted to MySpace? I have been avoiding that damned thing like the plague.
11. Shy around the opposite gender? Most definitely in person, but not necessarily online.
12. Loud? Just WHAT are you trying to imply?

12-and-a-half. Bite your nails? Not unless one of them is really bugging me.
13. Get paranoid at times? Sometimes..often..frequently..most of the time?
14. Currently regret something that you have said/done? I tend to do that a lot, but I also tend to find out later that the regrettable word/action was actually for the better in the end, so whatever.
15. Curse frequently when you get mad? Try riding in a car with me when I'm driving sometime!
16. Enjoy country music? Some I like, others I don't. It depends on my mood.
17. Enjoy jazz music? I tend to like it a lot, especially in the evening, but it depends on my mood. I also like listening to it.
18. Enjoy smoothies? Love the taste. Don't like the burning throat I always get because I'm not patient enough to sip them slowly...
19. Enjoy talking on the phone? Not much anymore. I soon wish I were using my time more productively and start pacing around.
20. Have a lot to learn? I live, therefore I learn. Once I stop learning it's time to die.
21. Have a pet? Yep. A cat. You can see pics of it on this site.
22. Have a tendency to fall for the “wrong” person? Oh, boy...that used to be a seriously bad habit. But then I fell for the "right" one and wound up marrying her!
23. Have all your grandparents died? Nope. I still have one grandmother very much alive and kicking! So does my wife.
24. Have at least one sibling? Look, you already asked if I'm an only child, and I said "No". What does that tell you??!?
25. Have been told that you are smart? Actually, I've been called a genius many times. I've also been called an idiot at least as many times.
26. Have had a broken bone? Nope...
27. Have Caller I.D. on your phone? On my cellphone only. Why?

28. Changed a diaper? I have two kids. End of story.
29. Changed a lot over the past year? A little older, a little wiser, and a lot plumper around the middle. (Thank you, Australia...)
30. Had friends who have never seen your natural hair color? My hair is my natural hair color!
31. Had surgery? Yes. It was a very unusual form of surgery, too, so there were a bunch of college students there staring at my exposed lower half.
32. Killed anyone? Only if imagination counts, in which case I'm a mass murderer and should be stopped.
33. Had your haircut within the last week? Within the last two weeks.

1. Slept in the bed beside you? My wife.
2. Saw you cry? My wife.
3. Went to the movies with you? My wife.
4. You went to the mall with? My wife.
5. You went to dinner with? My wife.
6. You talked to on the phone? My wife.
7. Said ‘I love you’ to you and meant it? My wife. (At least I hope she meant it!!!)
8. Broke your heart? The last person who seriously broke my heart was a Japanese girl named Harumi who dumped me in favor of a trombone player from New Zealand a couple of months before I left for Japan. I was pretty miserable...till I met my wife.
9. Made you laugh? My kids.

1. Pierce your nose or tongue? I have no desire or intention to do either, but if I were forced at gunpoint I'd probably go with the nose. It wouldn't interfere with my wind-instrument playing.
2. Be serious or be funny? Can't I be both at the same time?
3. Drink whole or skim milk? I'd happily drink either, but I tend not to these days. It's just not a staple over here.
4. Die in a fire or drown? Drown. It would be a lot less painful.
5. Spend time with your parents or enemies? I don't hate my parents. End of story.

1. What time is it? Isn't this thing done yet??!? It's 11:45 p.m..
2. Name? Look, if I wanted people to know my real name I'd USE my real name! Still, I guess enough people have already used my real first name on these blogs already, so I guess I...naaaaaah.
3. Nickname(s)? Bentley, Stewart, Maxi-Pad, The Moody Minstrel, others...
4. Where were you born? Newport, Oregon, U.S.A.
5. What is your birthdate? January 9th
6. What do you want? A legacy. And I DON'T mean the car.
7. Where do you want to live? Someplace where one can still find mountains, trees, breathable air, drinkable water, a safe food supply, friendly people, and a local infrastructure that hasn't been totally taken over by global chain outlets.
8. How many kids do you want? I currently have two. That suits me just fine, though I wouldn't mind the addition 0.6 that would give me an average-sized family.

I would like to tag: Oh, no you don't! I'm not going to foist this on anybody! Besides, anybody I might tag either has already done this or wouldn't bother anyway, so what's the point? Alright, I'll tag anybody that wants to. I suppose that's fair.

Well, that's that. Cheers, Selba! Now please...don't anybody else tag me...


  • Haha i got tagged to do the same meme too by Selba!It sure is a long one.Lol.I was glad when it was over :P

    Have a nice w-end :)

    By Anonymous angele, at 3:08 AM  

  • All I can say is this: OW, my eyes hurt from cyan on white.


    By Blogger DewKid, at 9:21 AM  

  • oh my that's a long one!

    I was tagged today also. Different tag but still a tag. It's a plague within the blogsphere. I feel like a little girl suddenly. :P

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:50 PM  

  • Yay!!! you made it!!!

    Thanks a bunch!! *so happy*

    I love reading MEME from other people because from MEME, I can learn more about the person :)

    Wow for the "Last person who" section... your wife must be very lucky and so you... I wish that someday if I'm married, I will have a husband who always there for me and love me with all of his heart :)

    Long time, haven't seen your cat's pic in here....

    By Blogger Selba, at 10:01 PM  

  • i enjoyed reading this... i like your sense of humor.. it's refreshing.

    this was a long one... i hadn't seen it before. i get these sometimes in emails and do them sometimes... it can be fun.

    By Blogger tooners, at 5:17 PM  

  • I have to agree with dewkid, your choice of colors has firmly imprinted the data on my retina.

    By Blogger Pa've, at 7:02 AM  

  • Identify for retina burn...

    By Anonymous Feminine computer voice, at 11:51 AM  

  • LOL this was such fun to read!
    I may decide later this week that you have tagged me for it :P

    And to you and Tooners - I guess I shouldn't soon inflict you with the "500 things about me" tag? Hehe, it is real and I did it, but never again...

    PS My code is KILUU, surely that speaks for itself.

    By Blogger Olivia, at 7:05 AM  

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