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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Pleasure? Simple!

Well, let's see...over the past few months I've been tagged more than once by Selba and most recently by Shlemazl. Now Um Naief (aka TBFKA Tooners) has decided to join the fray. The point of the tag this time is to list ten simple pleasures that you enjoy. Normally I post my tag responses over on the Snabulus blog so I can keep this one focused on my life here in Japan. However, since simple pleasures have long played a significant role in Japanese culture, I'll go ahead and do it here. So now...I give you...
10 SIMPLE PLEASURES (a la Moody)
1. The smell of newly-fallen rain, especially on warm pavement.
2. Looking out the window on a rainy day while listening to melancholy music. (Tea adds to the effect, as well.)
3. Driving down a street that's lined with flowers.
4. The smell of a bakery.
5. The sound of a warm breeze rustling through a grove of trees.
6. Grabbing a musical instrument that just happens to be nearby and fiddling around with it.
7. Being greeted on arrival at work by the song of a mockingbird.
8. The sight of a beautiful woman walking in a beautiful place.
9. The gift of a smile (of non-malicious intent).
10. A moment of quiet.

That was fun...and I'll tag anyone who hasn't done this one yet. about some definitely NOT simple pleasures, but significant nonetheless:

1. A former student, now in graduate study, coming to you for professional advice.
2. A 7th grade class getting an average of 70 on your first midterm exam of the year, which until now has gotten an average of only 50 or so every time.
3. Feeling like every single one of your students is understanding you and keeping up with your course...something that doesn't happen very often.
4. Finishing a load of work well ahead of time...and well ahead of everyone you loads of time to write blog posts.
5. Dark roasted coffee and dark chocolate, especially when things are running slow.
6. A hike in the woods, especially if it's a place you've never been.
7. Playing a tune on a brand new musical instrument (or an old one that hasn't been touched for a long time).
8. Hearing an orchestra play an arrangement you've written and realizing there is nothing at all wrong with it.
9. That wonderful feeling of exhaustion that comes after a good performance, a good sports match, a long hike, or something much more intimate.
10. Getting yet another tag done and out of the someone can lob another one at me!

Okay, that was fun. Now it's time for coffee and chocolate.

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  • Pardon my response but i gotta say,

    1. The smell of newly-fallen rain on warm pavement is actually the smell of the warm pavement.

    2. Staying dry at home makes me feel good coz I'm not out there stuck in the mad traffic.

    3. Ditto!

    4. The smell of bakery breaks my heart coz I can't take all that bread without gaining weight.

    5. The rusling trees gives me the creeps when I'm all alone in the woods.

    6. There's no point in grabbing a musical instrument coz all I make is noise.

    7. Nope, no mockingbird here.

    8. Wish I knew that beautiful woman.

    9. The gift of smile is priceless right now; I'm a big grin.

    10. Ok, time to keep quiet.

    Thanks for letting me have some fun.

    By Blogger agus, at 5:23 PM  

  • Hehe@Agus and warm pavement. How about the smell of ozone during a thunderstorm?

    Aha, I forgot, the smell of newly baked bread. Mmmmm yes, and then when you add butter and it melt? Mmmmmyumyumyum.

    Here have a gift, have a smile :))

    By Blogger Olivia, at 10:42 PM  

  • Simple pleasures. Ah, when your pet greets you when you get home as if you have been gone for a year, every day.


    Whiskey and Coke

    Model Railroading


    The time when I go to bed until I wake up.

    A good pipe smoke (tobacco, actually)

    Writing stories

    Hanging out with friends and family

    Rolling in a freshly cut lawn

    A complicated pleasure might be waking up with a beautiful woman, who doesn't mind that all the sheets are on your side of the bed!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:28 PM  

  • Your 10 simple pleasures formed a miserable and tranquil picture mixed with audio like.

    Let me echo your’s simple pleasures tag right here.

    10. Still survive happily and healthy in the world.
    9. Received a bouquet of flowers.
    8. Tittle-tattle with a friend at mid-night for several hours.
    7. Tried a new kind of food.
    6. Wander around in the garden in a heavy rainy day (take umbrella, of course)
    5. Meeting and greeting family members at the airport when they come back for a
    4. Watching the golden sunset on the beach.
    3. Reading books in a cyber-café shop or library.
    2. Attend a friend’s wedding party.
    1. Watching a touching movie.

    By Blogger PinkPanther, at 4:30 PM  

  • Most of it... I like your 10 simple pleasures plus coffee and chocolate :)

    By Blogger Selba, at 5:29 PM  

  • Ever since you wrote this post, every time I visit your blog I think of freshly baked bread with melting butter on top, and I can smell it. What sweet torture!

    By Blogger Olivia, at 1:21 AM  

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