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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The Tenth Gate

I just discovered that I was supposed to list TEN weird things about myself, not nine. (There's that math block again...) Okay, I'll drop in number ten, which I think is pretty obvious:

10. I believe in ghosts and spirits. Objective realist as I try to be, I haven't always felt this way. By any stretch of logic, there shouldn't be any such thing as ghosts or spirits. However, experience has taught me to be a bit more open minded. If you've read my "Moody's Believe It or Not" posts from last October, you'll probably understand. If not, get on the archive link and do so! I won't say anything more about it here.

Okay, Tooners, are you happy now?


  • I believe in ghosts and spirits too like all Chinese of the Buddhist/Taoist faith. Some of us go through a medium (who goes into a trance) to reach a newly-departed relative to check on his/her wellbeing. Some even do that many years later and the relative is able to identify the kinsfolk there at the session (seance). The medium speaks in the dialect of the deceased even though in reality, he/she does not speak the dialect. If you still do not believe there are ghosts and spirits, let me convince you further, please visit here.

    By Blogger Happysurfer, at 2:47 PM  

  • now... it wasn't that hard, was it? ;)

    why do you think that ghosts and spirits are against all logic? to me, it makes perfect sense. but maybe i'm strange!! :)

    By Blogger tooners, at 4:43 PM  

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